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  • 69upRecently, we received a donation from Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers“. It is Iron-Eyes Cody’s Tee Pee. He was an Italian actor who portrayed an Indian in many Westerns, including John Wayne. He also was known as the crying Indian from the TV commercial to save the environment. The show also did a good tribute to Cecil Fletcher who was friends with the actor and we have a display dedicated to him as well. Cecil was a local musician who wrote a song about LeClaire and had it copyrighted so we have an official city song. Not too many towns can boost that. We also sell his music.
  • On April 6th, the Buffalo Bill Museum hosted “Dinner with Mrs. Dawley” at the Crane & Pelican Café located in the home of Captain and Mrs. Dawley, LeClaire’s first licensed riverboat pilot. A number of guests appeared in period costume, interacting with guests as “friends and family of the Captain and Mrs. Dawley.”The event was the first fundraiser supporting the museum’s plan to expand its facility, breaking ground in September 2013 with completion in March 2014. Robert Schiffke, the museum’s director and curator noted “We are excited by the opportunities that this expansion will afford us, such as: additional space for exhibit expansion; additional workspace and storage area for ongoing archiving work; larger gathering areas for presentations and accommodation of larger tour groups; and an area designated for interactive learning experiences for small groups. We are about to enter another exciting chapter in the museum’s history, and your donation is bringing it into reality!

    VIEWdawley_dinner9 PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT
  • TravelLady Magazine checked out LeClaire, Iowa. Click here to read the article about how she enjoyed our city and museum!
  • KWQC Fran Riley interview with Bob Schiffke on our Historic Lone Star Steamer  
  • Museum visitors see hard lives of Civil War soldiers
    By Mary Louise Speer, The Quad-City Times, Monday, April 11, 2011
  • Kids help celebrate Buffalo Bill’s birthday
    By Mary Louise Speer, The Quad-City Times, Sunday, February 27, 2011